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Diversity and Representation




Diversity Report

Event Notes

The event, conducted in partnership with Bahujan Economists and Monk Prayogshala, released a report on the Under Representation of Caste and Gender Minorities in Economic Academia in India.

A session on the crucial and central issue of the spillover effects of the lack of diversity and inclusion within economics on the domains of policy and governance was hosted with Beena Pallical and Tejas Harad.

A workshop with Nazariya, a Queer Feminist Resource Group, discussed structural privileges in classrooms and how we can one inclusive. 

1. Diversity and Representation in Economics I | Deepak Malghan, Nidhi Sabharwal and Nishith Prakash

2. Diversity and Representation in Economics II | Beena Pallical and Tejas Harad


Diversity and Representation in Economics in India

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