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Reimagining our Shared Future
June 2021

University, Economics and Social Imagination
June 2022

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The Economy for the Common Good
May 2021

The Merits of Pluralism in Economics
April 2021


Capitalism and Patriarchy

March-April 2021

Decolonising Economics

February 2021


Diversity and Representations in Economics

January 2021

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Session 1:  Report Launch and Discussion with Deepak Malghan, Nidhi Sabharwal and Nishith Prakash

Session 2: Administrative and Policy Perspectives
Session 3: Inclusion in Classrooms / Inclusive Classrooms


Better Economics For Climate Change

November 2020

Session 1: Panel discussion with Jayati Ghosh, Tejal Kanitkar and Sagar Dhara

Session 2: Implications for Policy with Rathin Roy, Ulka Kelkar and Kanika Chawla

Session 3: Curriculum Change Workshop with Oikos International

Session 4: Perspectives from Industry withPranshu Singhal, Pavithra Mohanraj, and Aditya Siroya


E-Colloquium on Income Inequality and Welfare: An Academic and Policy Dialogue

October 2020

Session 1: Inefficiencies in the Welfare Policies of India with Yamini Aiyar

Session 2: The Inequality Conundrum with Seeta K Prabhu


Informal Labour Economy in India

October 2020

Session 1: Informal Livelihoods and the Gig Economy with Amit Basole and Noopur Raval

Session 2: Inclusivity in the Informal Labour Sector with Ritu Dewan and Bhargavi Davar

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