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Global Health Governance Conference Presentation

Global Governance & Global South

2 October 2021 at 10:30:00 am


Out of the chaos perpetuated by this existing mode of global health governance emerges a need to rethink the interstices between the Global North and the Global South. This not only includes engaging with the diverse and often conflict-inducing ways of framing the subject of health as, intermittently - a national security issue, a human right, or a global public good - but also to critically examine the power dynamics that constitute the existing character of North-South relations. How can we move towards a system that brings more global health equity to disadvantaged communities in the Global South? What characteristics of the existing mode of governance (legal frameworks and others) constraint the realisation of global health equity? What would a people-centric focus require in terms of the normative structure of global health governance?

The presentation session brings forth some critical presentations from researchers and policy professionals to present theoretical or empirical work on the state of global health governance and its implications for the Global South.


Presentation 1 by Govindpuram Suresh, PhD Scholar, IIT Tirupati, India Presentation 2 by Ilyana Syafiqa binti Mukhriz Mudaris, Research Associate, Khazanah Research Institute, Malaysia Presentation 3 by Asmita Verma, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Society and Policy, Indian Institute of Science, India Presentation 4 by Anandita Pathak, Researcher, Youth Collaborative Network Guwahati, India

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