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Here is a list of verified resources that you can use for the #COVIDResponse. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have other properly verified leads.

  • For leads for oxygen, beds, plasma, and other treatments, click this link. This portal will redirect you to a form where you can fill out the city you’re in and your requirements—it will then redirect you to the latest updates being circulated on Twitter. Bear in mind—many government updates are also on Twitter, so the app is a good place to start for more information. We weren’t able to locate who developed this app: thank you, wherever you are.​

  • For oxygen dealers in your district directly, click here. For a list of numbers to war rooms that help you find hospital beds, please click here. For state-wise control rooms for COVID-19 concerns, click here. For district officers who can help, click here. For quarantine facilities in your area, click here. For primary health centres/fever clinics in your area, click here. If you would like to be added to a WhatsApp/Telegram COVID-19 resource group for your city/state, click here. To learn more about Simran Soni, and the team at CovidFYI who developed the databases just listed, please click here. If you’d like to volunteer with her team to add or verify information, please DM her on Twitter.

  • For those looking to support the organisations and individuals that are firefighting against the collapse of parts of India’s public service delivery, please review this list of ongoing fundraisers from across the country. To follow Riddhi Dastidar and her colleagues who created the list, click here.

  • The capital’s oxygen supply chain is in shambles—so if you’d like to support the Hemkunt Foundation, which is providing free oxygen cylinders to critical patients in Delhi, click here. For more about the organisation, click here.

  • Know someone who needs cooked food delivered to them? Click here for a list of home-delivery options by small businesses for cities across the country. We weren’t able to locate who developed this database: thank you, wherever you are.

  • For support circles for those affected by the pandemic led by qualified therapists, click here. To learn more about Therapize, the organisation offering them, click here

  • For those who are looking to donate, click here.

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