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The Young Scholars Initiative's community blog. YSI is a global community of students, young professionals, and researchers who pursue new and critical ways of thinking about the economy.

A website which includes blogs, videos, and research publications by prominent economists to build "a pluralist network of heterodox economists engaged in the teaching, research and application of critical analyses of economic development." While based in the Majority World/Global South, IDEAS is open to all and "committed to developing more appropriate and progressive analysis of development challenges."

The Developing Economics blog takes a critical and pluralist approach to the field of Development Economics. It seeks to stimulate debate and reflection on economic development among academics and practitioners from all relevant fields. All critical voices out there are encouraged to submit contributions. Check there amazing holiday reading lists as well (​Winter 2019​, Summer 2019​, Summer 2018​)

Everyone’s favourite rockstar, Patron-funded, Australian, Post-Keynesian economists! Steve Keen is interesting and engaging and well worth keeping up to date with.

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