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Pluralist Economics and Its History

Alex M. Thomas

Pluralist Economics and Its History

Pluralist Movement,History of Economic Thought,Introduction to Heterodox Economics

This volume is a history of economics – as it was interpreted, discussed and established as a discipline – in the 20th century. It highlights the pluralism of the discipline and brings together leading voices in the field who reflect on their lifelong work. The chapters draw on a host of traditions of economic thought, including pre-classical, classical, Marxian, neoclassical, Sraffian, post-Keynesian, Cantabrigian and institutionalist traditions in economics. Further, the volume also looks at the history of economics in India and its evolution as a discipline since the country’s independence. 
This book will appeal to students, researchers and teachers of economics and intellectual history, as well as to the interested general reader.

Thomas, Alex M.. Pluralistic Economics and Its History. United Kingdom, Taylor & Francis, 2019.

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