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Everybody Loves a Good Drought

P. Sainath

Everybody Loves a Good Drought

Development Economics,Structural Economics

The poor in India are, too often, reduced to statistics. In the dry language of development reports and economic projections, the true misery of the 312 million who live below the poverty line, or the 26 million displaced by various projects, or the 13 million who suffer from tuberculosis gets overlooked. In this thoroughly researched study of the poorest of the poor, we get to see how they manage, what sustains them, and the efforts, often ludicrous, to do something for them. The people who figure in this book typify the lives and aspirations of a large section of Indian society, and their stories present us with the true face of development.

Sainath, P. Everybody Loves a Good Drought. India, Penguin Books Limited, 2000.

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