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Expanding Economics Podcast​ ​English

Based in Montreal, Canada, RE local group Expanding Economics discuss pluralist economics and our campaign in this great podcast.

Boben​ ​[Trans: Bubble]​ ​Danish
Can money make us happy? Why is a cup of coffee so expensive? Why is there unemployment? "You have to learn economics to avoid being cheated by economists" - with that mantra, Rethinking Economics Denmark explores how our lives are shaped by economics.

50 Things That Made The Modern Economy​ ​English
Tim Harford tells the fascinating stories of inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the economic world.

The Best of Analysis: Economics​ ​English
Analysis examines the ideas and forces which shape the world we live in - this collection of programmes explores economic ideas from a range of different schools.

Alphachat [Alphaville, Financial Times]​ ​English
Alphachat is a conversational podcast about business and economics produced by the Financial Times in New York. Some of the conversations discuss some very interesting topics!

Planet Money​ ​English
Not particularly pluralist - but showcasing and discussing economic phenomena and policy. US centric, but certainly a few very interesting episodes.

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